"I Am Very Special" Poems and Songs

I am Special
Hundreds of birds in the sky,
Hundreds of fish in the sea,
Hundreds of flowers in the field
But there's only one of me!

I am Special
(to the tune of "Frere Jacques")
I am special,
I am special,
Look at me,
You will see,
Someone very special,
Someone very special,
It is me,
It is me.

I'm Very Happy to be Me
_______ is my hair,
_______ are my eyes.
I'm _______ years old,
I'm just the right size.
My name is _______
And as you can see,
I'm very happy to be me!

All of Me
See my eyes.
See my nose.
See my fingers.
See my toes.
See my lips.
See my knee.
Now you have seen all of me!

There's no one in
This whole wide world
Exactly just like me.
I am me and
You are you,
We're special,
Don't you see?

I have 10 little fingers
And 10 little toes,
2 little arms,
And 1 little nose.
1 little mouth,
And 2 little ears,
2 little eyes
For smiles and for tears.
1 little head
And 2 little feet,
1 little chin -
That's me!
I'm complete.

Glad to Be Me!
Sometimes I wish I was someone else, but mostly Iím glad Iím ME!
We all have our likes and differences as everyone can see.
Some of us like to hurry, some like to take our time.
Some spend all their money, some save each dime.
Some are good at English; some are good at math.
Some of us like showers some prefer the bath.
Some of us are quiet; some of us are loud.
Some of us like to be alone; some of us like a crowd.
Some of us are tall; some of us are short.
Some like to play an instrument, some like to play a sport.
Some of us are black or brown, and some of us are white.
Some of us leave the light on when we go to bed at night.
All of us are special as everyone can see,
You like you, and I like you, but also I like ME!

I'm Glad I'm Me
No one looks
The way I do.
I have noticed
That it's true.
No one walks the way I walk.
No one talks the way I talk.
No one plays the way I play.
No one says the things I say.
I am special.
I am me.
There's no one else
I'd rather be!
~Author Unknown~

Everybody Has A Name
Everybody has a name.
Some are different and some are the same.
Some are short and some are long.
All are right, None are wrong.
My name is ______________,
It's special to me!
It's exactly who I want to be!

Here are my fingers and here is my nose.
Here are my ears and here are my toes.
Here are my eyes that open wide.
Here is my mouth with my white teeth inside.
Here is my tongue that helps me speak.
Here are my shoulders and here are my cheeks.
Here are my hand that help me play.
Here are my feet that go walking every day.

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