Harcourt Trophies Kindergarten Reading Series
Our school district adopted the Harcourt Trophies Reading Series in 2004.
Here are the twelve themes used in kindergarten.

Theme Title

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics
High Frequency Words

Writing Every Day

Big Books; 
Little Books
Audio texts;
 Library Books
1. Getting To
 Know You

Alphabet Introduction/
Early Literacy Skills


From Anne to Zach; 
Moo, Moo, 
Brown Cow;
I Read Signs;
Jazzbo and Googy;
Look Out Kindergarten,
 Here We Come
2. I Am Special 

Introduce: Mm, Ss, Rr, Tt
High Frequency Words: 
a, my, the

Class Chart

Mice Squeak, 
We Speak;
Hello Toes! Hello Feet!;
The Body Book
3. Around the Table


Introduce: Pp, Cc, Aa
Blending: /a/ and /m/




Peanut Butter and Jelly;
Hold the Anchovies!;
Bunny Cakes
4. Silly Business

Introduce:  Nn, Dd
Blending: /a/ and /p/


Warthogs in the Kitchen;
The Crayon Box 
that Talked; 
I Took My Frog to the Library
5.Family Ties  

Introduce: Ff, Gg, Ii
Blending: /i/ and /t/,  /i/ and /g/
High Frequency Words: on, to

Off We Go!;
A Birthday Basket for Tia;
 Dear Juno
6. Animal Families

Introduce: Ll, Hh
Blending:/i/ and /p/
High Frequency Words: 
you, have

Personal Narrative Journal

Does A kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?;
Are You There, 
Baby Bear?;
A Time for Playing
7.Bug Surprises

Introduce: Bb, Kk, Oo
Blending:/o/ and /t/,
/o/ and /p/


Wall Book


Look Closer; Butterfly;
Wonderful Worms


8. Animal Adventures

Introduce: Ww, Xx
Blending: /o/ and /x/
High Frequency Words: no, see
Flip-Book Poem


Walking Through the Jungle; Elmer;
So Say the Little Monkeys
9.Around the Town

Introduce: Vv, Jj, Ee
Blending: /e/ and /t/, /e/ and /n/
High Frequency Words: look, come


Classroom Signs


The Shape of Things;
Benny's Pennies;
Good-Bye Hello



10. Neighborhood Helpers
Introduce: Yy, Zz
Blending: /e/ and /d/
High Frequency Words: 
for, me
Description Journal

The Big Yellow Bus;
Career Day;
Guess Who?
11. Exploring Our Surroundings
Introduce: Qq, Uu
Blending: /u/ and /t/, 
/u/ and /n/
High Frequency Words: 
one, little

Five Little Ducks;
Come Along, Daisy!;
What's What?

12. Under the Ocean

Review: Short Vowels
 a, e, i, o, u
Blending: /u/ and /g/
High Frequency Words: are, here

Splash in the Ocean;
Fish Faces;

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.
~ Emilie Buchwald ~

This year I am planning to use labels on book baskets.
Here are some great websites that have printable book labels.