Gingerbread Poems

Homemade Gingerbread

Stir a bowl of gingerbread,
Smooth and spicy brown,
Roll it up with a rolling pin,
Up and up and down.
With a cookie cutter,
Make some little men,
Put them in the oven,
Till half past ten!

I'm A Little Ginger Kid

I'm a little ginger kid,
In the oven I'm found,
Raisins for eyes,
Nose so round.
Good enough to eat,
So toasty and brown,
Just pick me up,
And munch me down!

Five Little Gingerbread Men
One little gingerbread man, lonely and blue,
Met another lonely friend and then there were two.
Two little gingerbread men, happy as could be,
Found one hiding, and that made three.
Three little gingerbread men running to the store,
There they bought another one and that made four.
Four little gingerbread men feeling so alive,
Rounded up another and then there were five,
Five little gingerbread men having lots of fun,
Better get back home now that dinner is done!  

Lost Gingerbread Boy
Let's hunt for our gingerbread boy.
He hopped out of the oven and ran.
We made him a nice, neat shape,
And then he jumped out of the pan!
We've looked all around the school.
But he's hiding, oh, so good.
I do wish he'd come back home,
Like a good little gingerbread boy should!


The Gingerbread Man
(Tune: Wheels on the bus)

 The gingerbread man ran through the town, 
through the town, through the town.

The gingerbread man ran through the town,
 singing, "You'll never catch me."

He ran away from  a /c/ /ow/, /c/ /ow/

He ran away from a cow, 

Singing, "You will never catch me."


He ran away from a /sh/ /ee/ /p/,

/sh/ /ee/ /p/,   /sh/  /ee/ /p/,

He ran away from a sheep without a peep,

Singing, "You will never catch me."


He ran away from a /d/ /o/ /g/

/d/ /o/ /g/, /d/ /o/  /g/,

he ran away from a dog,

Singing, "You will never catch me."


Then he came to a /f/  /o/ /x/

/f/  /o/  /x/,   /f/  /o/  /x/,

The fox sat on a box and said,

"You can trust me"

Then he ate him, yes sir - ee.

Sugar and spice and everything nice -
That's what gingerbread is made of.
We're yummy to eat - a "lip-smacking" treat.
And that's just what we are afraid of!

So we'll lay on the plate and we'll patiently wait,
For the first hungry, unwary guest.
Then we'll jump up and run, This part is such fun,
It's what we love doing the best!

To the door we will race - wish we could see
 each face. The adults won't believe their own eyes.
But the girls and the boys will just think that 
we're toys, And we're only a party "surprise"!

There's a lesson in this, 
if you're made out of dough. 
You're not just around for your looks, 
don't you know? Sooner or later you're bound
 to get hurt. You were made to be eaten! 
(You're someone's dessert)

Gingerbread Boy
(tune:  Muffin Man)

    Oh, will you bake a gingerbread boy,

    A gingerbread boy, A gingerbread boy,

    Oh, will you bake a gingerbread boy

   Then put him in the oven.

     Oh, will you eat the gingerbread boy,

      The gingerbread boy, The gingerbread boy,

      Oh, will you eat the gingerbread boy,

   Then take him out right now.


A Gingered January
Joyce Carol Thomas

Outside, ice covers the roof,
Snow quilts the ground
Inside the kitchen, Grandma says,
"This oven's right warm."
And we mix us up a gingerbread man.

A bowl of molasses, a dipper of milk
A dash of butter, and flour like silk
Ginger and the hen's fattest egg
Vanilla extract, sprinkled nutmeg

At last I taste a bite or two
"He looks just like you,"
Grandma says, nodding her head
And I eat up all the gingered bread.

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